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The hand-wringing over the fatal crash of SpaceShipTwo and the failure of the Orbital Sciences resupply rocket reminds me we've been here before.
How do we choose to react now?

Ben Bradlee died. As the now-infamous tweet said in marking the passing of the
Washington Post's iconic editor, he was preceded in death by journalism.

Fiat Chrysler (and never mind the convoluted history behind that simple two-part name) wants to remake the Jeep -- an iconic brand to which Toledo lays claim as part of its history -- as an aluminum unibody, and claims that's not possible in Toledo. it's not clear what the end game is, but it's clear who's just along for the ride, and hanging on.

It's spread by contact with shrill television reporting and even shriller online comments.
The growth media of choice are ignorance and fear and their child, hatred...
All the same, remember when it was All So Far Away?

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